Unique research administration solutions for your unique needs.


Research administration (RA) software systems often force users to conform to workflows and processes that do not fit their unique needs. At Bad Rabbit, we don’t sell RA systems. Instead, we make the systems you have work better for you.


Deep expertise in research administration technology.


Our RA expertise runs deep. Our founder is an RA software veteran and our team is highly experienced in solving complex research administration technology challenges. Here are just some of our specialties:


Data & analytics | System installation & upgrades | Reducing PI administrative burden | Technical roadmap planning
Staff augmentation | User interface & workflow improvements | Eliminating duplicate data entry

A trusted partner.


Bad Rabbit is a strategic and technical partner to top research institutions who trust us to help them get the most from their investment in research administration technology.


“Working with Bad Rabbit has been one of the best vendor experiences
we have had so far.”
— James M. Slaughter, Research Business Systems Manager
Children's Mercy Hospital

Not your typical consulting company.


Our customers say we’re more partner than consultant. We’ve always put the customer first, and it shows in our approach and in our priorities.


Protect your research budget.


Research budgets are precious. We’re passionate about helping research administrators work efficiently and avoid wasted effort in order to maximize the money available for conducting life-changing research.

Let’s talk.

We’d love to talk to you about your research administration challenges, or give you a free consultation on your next project. Reach out today.

Some of our past projects:

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