Improve your Agreements management with Bad Rabbit. Keep all documents and communication in a central location to easily manage all aspects of contract negotiation.

Reduce Wasted Time with DocuSign Integration

Manually sending out contracts is a time-consuming chore. Bad Rabbit can help you integrate your contract system with DocuSign, enabling signatures to be captured electronically, allowing you to:

  • Easily generate and share documents

  • Spend minutes, not hours, getting contracts signed

  • Increase contract security while increasing convenience for your users

Increase Visibility & Efficiency with CTA/CTMS Integration

By integrating your CTA system with your CTMS system, everyone who needs to know can easily track the progress of contract negotiation. Integration benefits include:

  • Increased transparency; everyone can see the CTA negotiation progress

  • Ease of access; the CTA office is a click away from all relevant CTMS data

  • Elimination of manual data entry; reducing staff burden while increasing efficiency

Turn Your Data into Insight

Through metrics-based reporting, you can track contract negotiations in order to make progress quickly. And, having access to reports that focus on operational efficiency allows you to make smart decisions regarding best practices. We can help you leverage the data you already have to improve your process. These reports can:

  • Deliver a set of ongoing reports to track key metrics

  • Allow you to detect and alleviate process bottlenecks to improve productivity and workflow

  • Provide executive leadership a view into the health and growth of the research business

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