Conflict of Interest (COI)

Streamline approval processes by integrating your COI system with your IRB or IACUC systems.

Custom Disclosure Forms

With so many ways to capture information for state, federal, and institutional regulation policies, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all COI system. Bad Rabbit offers:

  • A rapid/iterative approach to form redesign that captures and meets your needs

  • Attractive, user-friendly forms

  • Time savings and assured regulatory compliance

Rabbit Open Payments

Regulatory requirements are complex, and the government Open Payments website is cumbersome. We built Rabbit Open Payments, a system which:

  • Integrates right into an institution’s COI system

  • Displays only relevant Open Payments data, and allows administrators to easily export

  • Automatically matches physicians and remembers them for the next annual disclosure

Research Disclosure Integration

With different systems for various domain offices, it can be frustrating to keep track of moving parts via email. We solve this through:

  • Electronic integration of systems to get rid of manual back and forth

  • Elimination of non-compliance risks

  • Convenient, mobile-first interface

  • Transforming what used to take COI administrators an hour into processes which take 30 seconds.

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Vendors: COI

Below is a list of vendors that have offerings in the COI domain which we hope you’ll find helpful. See any inaccuracies in the below list? Want us to add a vendor that you’ve worked with in this space? Let us know!

Product Description
COI Risk Manager (Osprey Compliance Software LLC) Web-based solution that efficiently captures disclosures, automatically identifies potential conflicts, and provides reviewer workflows to quickly mitigate issues for any size organization, across many industries. 
COI Smart (HCCS) Comprehensive tools for tracking and managing Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosures. Multi-level branching questionnaires, automated assignment of reviewers, development of COI management plans, and data mining tools.
Compliance 360 (SAI Global) Software for managing conflict of interest (COI) governance and reporting.
Convey (AAMC) Web-basde platform for capturing a complete snapshot of your disclosure data in a single interface. Includes disclosure tracking and storage, and analytics.
Huron Research Suite Comprehensive suite of software solutions for managing Agreements, Animal Operations, Clinical Trials, Conflict of Interest, Grants, IACUC, IRB, Safety Committees and Effort Reporting.
Key Solutions Software products for life sciences research administration and compliance, from funding to trials.
Kuali Research Kuali Research in the Cloud is open source, community-developed software designed to streamline the many tasks involved in pre-award, post-award and compliance management within a single, cloud-based system.
InfoEd Offers over 20 modules in almost a dozen areas of Sponsored Projects Administration.