Improve your Clinical Trials Management with Bad Rabbit. Seamlessly oversee training, compliance, finances, and overall operations.

CTMS Interface Remodel

Does working in your CTMS make you want to scream? Entering visits, services, and costs should not be this difficult, but bad interface design means that forms and grids won’t even fit on a single screen! We can replace your outdated CTMS interface with a new task-oriented interface that lets you:

  • Easily add visits and services to an arm in a sortable, filterable way

  • Quickly populate single or multiple visits with a specific set of services

  • Visualize the interaction of visits and services in a simplified, clean view

  • Sort, filter, and select the data you want to work with, while maximizing screen real estate and minimizing scrolling and frustration

CTMS Integration

Successfully managing clinical research projects is a tough job. Overseeing compliance, contracts, budgets, sponsor negotiations, patient visits, invoicing, payment reconciliation…. it’s a lot to stay on top of. If only some of your electronic systems could talk to each other. But wait, now they can! Bad Rabbit translators:

  • Eliminate error-prone duplicate data entry, while ensuring up-to-date, accurate, and consistent information between IRB and CTMS systems through integration

  • Auto-magically build EPIC research records based on initial and amended CTMS data.

  • Using EPIC billing data, have your CTMS recognize visit completion, service delivery, and earnings

  • Link CTMS with your contract management system to improve visibility into agreement negotiations and pending changes

Clinical Research Financial Reporting

Institutions performing clinical research often have a hard time understanding the financials of their individual studies, and of their overall portfolio. Tracking what’s been earned, invoiced, remitted by the sponsor, paid out for internal services, and outstanding balances is often difficult. Did you know that millions of dollars each year go unclaimed by institutions due to the lack of clear financial data? Bad Rabbit experts have helped clients claim their share by:

  • Identifying informational gaps in electronic financial records by thoroughly reviewing processes and CTMS capabilities

  • Developing and implementing integration strategies that bring relevant financial data into CTMS systems

  • Creating comprehensive financial summary reports to improve visibility into earnings recognition, invoice status and sponsor remittance patterns

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Vendors: Clinical Trials Management Systems

Below is a list of vendors that have offerings in the CTMS domain which we hope you’ll find helpful. See any inaccuracies in the below list? Want us to add a vendor that you’ve worked with in this space? Let us know!

Product Description
Allegro (Forte) Cloud-based clinical trial management system.
BioClinica CTMS A web-based end-to-end clinical trials management solution designed to control, efficiency, and quality data to every study.
Clincal Studio Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system that streamlines the study build, data collection and management of clinical research. Cloud-based data management system allowing anywhere/remote access.
Clinical Conductor CTMS (Bio-Optronics, Inc.) CTMS designed to accommodate regulatory compliance and enhance clinical research operations. Keeps track of finances, recruitment, participants and delivers comprehensive reporting and monitoring.
EDGE CTMS (Medidata Solutions Inc.) A modern CTMS system for planning, conducting and monitoring clinical studies.
Intrinsic CTMS® Intrinsic CTMS® is built with native integration with Microsoft applications including Outlook, Excel, SharePoint, and Power BI. Cloud-based, with a streamlined interface, the ability to manage studies at any level, and a task-based design.
OnCore (Forte) Enterprise research system designed to help centralize, manage and gain insight into all research-related activities, including financial management, billing compliance, turnkey reporting, committee management and more.
Huron Research Suite Comprehensive suite of software solutions for managing Agreements, Animal Operations, Clinical Trials, Conflict of Interest, Grants, IACUC, IRB, Safety Committees and Effort Reporting.