Grants & Sponsored Programs

We specialize in slaying repetitive, time-wasting pre- and post-award tasks, so you can focus on high-value activities that win more research projects and reduce institutional risk.

Simplify Complex Budgeting Processes

Sponsor budgeting rules can be complicated and strict, and inconsistent. Electronic budgeting systems are rigid. Time is always short, and getting the budget “just right” is hard. Bad Rabbit can help simplify your entire process - simpler electronic budget data entry forms, easier spreadsheet imports, and automated error checking of proposals.

Turn Data into Insight

Do you have access to the information you need to run your grants office in the best way possible? What’s the proposal volume by department, PI, and budget? What’s your true award rate? Why does award setup take so long? We can help you leverage the systems data you already have to get answers and improve your processes.

  • Identify patterns for proposal success that can be leveraged across the institution

  • Detect and alleviate process bottlenecks to improve productivity and workflow

  • Provide executive leadership a view into the health and growth of the research business

Post-Award Integration (with less duplication)

Integration - a fancy word for something fairly simple: to make software systems talk to each other and share common information. Do you have to call someone whenever you want a status report on an award? Integration can provide auto-generated status reports for related work items that feed straight into your awards management system. It can give you alerts about important compliance changes affecting the award. And it helps eliminate duplicate data entry and keying errors when building ERP financial accounts. Integration - it’s your new best friend.

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Improve your Agreements management with Bad Rabbit. Keep all documents and communication in a central location to easily manage all aspects of contract negotiation.

Improve your Clinical Trials Management with Bad Rabbit. Seamlessly oversee training, compliance, finances, and overall operations.

Research IT
Bad Rabbit can help you comprehensively map long-term Research Admin software and system strategies.

Vendors: Grants & Sponsored Programs

Below is a list of vendors that have offerings in the Grants domain which we hope you’ll find helpful. See any inaccuracies in the below list? Want us to add a vendor that you’ve worked with in this space? Let us know!

Product Description
Banner by Ellucian Higher education-oriented ERP system. Includes a research administration component which manages sponsored project requirements from inception to completion.
IT WORKS Offers the University Accounting System Module, a grant and fund accounting system designed to complement an institution’s general ledger, purchasing, and payroll systems.
Smartgrant (ERA Software Systems) Cloud-based research administration software with modules for Pre-Award, Electronic Routing, S2S (FastGrant), Post-Award, Advanced Reporting, Regulatory Compliance and Billing & A/R.
Zengine (WizeHive) Sofware for simplifying application-based processes including Grants and Awards. Manages incoming applications, all collected data, scoring, awards, reports, and eases sharing of status and outcomes through the entire lifecycle.
Huron Research Suite Comprehensive suite of software solutions for managing Agreements, Animal Operations, Clinical Trials, Conflict of Interest, Grants, IACUC, IRB, Safety Committees and Effort Reporting.
Key Solutions Software products for life sciences research administration and compliance, from funding to trials.
Cayuse Fully integrated proposal, award and compliance solutions that streamline sponsored project lifecycle management. Products include pre-award management, post-award and compliance (IRB and IACUC solutions).
InfoEd Offers a Grants and Contracts Suite that supports an integrated, collaborative workflow.