Improve your IACUC systems with Bad Rabbit. Keep up with compliance protocols and reviews while improving collaboration, ease of reporting, and turnaround times.

Standardized Answer Library

Spending time searching for an SOP or best practice is a burden for investigators. We love making lives easier, so we built an SOP library, which allows you to:

  • Search the library and optionally select from pre-defined answers

  • Decrease protocol completion times significantly

  • Increase compliance across the board, since standardized information is being used

IACUC Reviewer Comments

This Bad Rabbit solution enables you to have collaborative dialogue and leave direct comments on IACUC reviews, allowing you to:

  • Leave comments in the exact spot where you want them

  • Respond to comments from other reviewers

  • View and keep up on all comments as the Principal Investigator

  • Make your electronic review system perform similarly to Microsoft Word

Migrate to Huron Research Suite®

Adding Huron Research Suite® solutions to your legacy site can sometimes leave you with gaps or integration needs from previously customized software. We help:

  • Set up your new Huron Research Suite® solutions

  • Analyze gaps between existing customizations in your legacy site and what the solution provides

  • Migrate data from the old system to the new

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Bad Rabbit can automate IBC & BioSafety compliance certifications to ensure researchers are well protected.

Automate and streamline your electronic IRB workflow design while increasing usability and saving money.

Research IT
Bad Rabbit can help you comprehensively map long-term Research Admin software and system strategies.

Vendors: IACUC

Below is a list of vendors that have offerings in the IACUC domain which we hope you’ll find helpful. See any inaccuracies in the below list? Want us to add a vendor that you’ve worked with in this space? Let us know!

Product Description
Huron Research Suite Comprehensive suite of software solutions for managing Agreements, Animal Operations, Clinical Trials, Conflict of Interest, Grants, IACUC, IRB, Safety Committees and Effort Reporting.
Kuali Research Kuali Research in the Cloud is open source, community-developed software designed to streamline the many tasks involved in pre-award, post-award and compliance management within a single, cloud-based system.
Cayuse Cayuse provides fully integrated proposal, award and compliance solutions that streamline sponsored project lifecycle management. Products include pre-award management, post-award and compliance (IRB and IACUC solutions).
A-tune Software for laboratory animal research facilities and research compliance & management.