Bad Rabbit is a consulting company specializing in research administration.

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What We Do

We are Research Administration Experts

We understand the challenges you face in Research Administration. We understand the frustrations that arise when your technology holds you back from working efficiently. Our job is to design technical solutions to solve your problems and to remove those frustrations.

We Integrate and Customize Research Admin Software

eResearch Systems never meet all of your needs right out of the box. You may need them to do things they weren't designed to do. You may need them to talk to your existing financial or human resource systems. At Bad Rabbit, we build technical solutions to the problems that are slowing you down and causing you stress.

We Provide Technical Services

It is a universal truth that your IT Department is overburdened. Keeping your eResearch systems healthy and up-to-date is more than a full-time job. At Bad Rabbit our tools and methods can help automate the tasks that are weighing down your IT staff. We can also help shoulder the burden with staff augmentation.

Our Process

We start by listening

Understanding your unique problems is important to us. Understanding your institution, the way you work, and the goals of your department will help us to propose a solution that will meet your needs.

We propose solutions

We will design a solution to your problem that is customized to meet your needs. We are vendor-agnostic when it comes to software packages and strategies; when you read our proposed solution you will see that it is designed with an eye focused entirely on a successful outcome.

We do the work

You will find that working with Bad Rabbit is a collaborative and open relationship. Our goal is not just to have a successful outcome to our project, but to develop a lasting long-term relationship built on trust and respect.

Our Values

Independent and Impartial

Chances are good there are multiple solutions to your problem, and when you work with us, we lay them all out for you. When it comes to technologies and platforms, the only horse we have in the race is yours.


We hire only senior-level experts who have decades of experience designing and implementing complex research systems. As a result, your projects get done more efficiently and at lower cost, and our work delivers ongoing value through stability and ease of use.

Long-term focus

Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with our customers built on trust and a track-record of successful implementations. We want you to know that when your institution faces a challenge that you can trust us to find a solution.

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