Introducing BR Research Vision - Analytics & Data Visualization for Research Administration


Bad Rabbit today announced the launch of BR Research Vision, a new data visualization and reporting suite for research administration professionals that gives unprecedented visibility into research administration (RA) operations. BR Research Vision leverages existing RA system data (e.g. Huron portal or product, Cayuse), to create dashboards and visualizations that provide immediate insight into performance and efficiency and deliver actionable data for driving process improvements and improving throughput. All common research administration domains are covered, including IRB, grants and agreements, IACUC and more.

"At Bad Rabbit, we’re always listening for common research administration pain points, and we’ve been asked frequently to build better RA reporting. We’ve delivered ad-hoc solutions, but we decided to solve this problem for all research administrators at once. But we also saw a larger opportunity – to give research administrators easy access to information they need to improve and accelerate their operations," says Luke Belbina, CEO, Bad Rabbit. "The data that RA offices need to make better decisions is already within reach, inside their RA software systems. They just can’t get to it easily or turn it into useful information. BR Research Vision not only improves reporting, but it gives RA professionals the data-driven insight they need to manage their RA operation."

BR Research Vision benefits include:

  • Easy to use and learn. Intuitive for both technical and non-technical users

  • Provides immediate value. Preloaded with powerful reports, visualizations and dashboards for common research domain.

  • Provides lasting value. New reports and visualizations are released regularly.

  • An IT-friendly solution. No modifications required to your RA system data, and the product is installed and maintained by Bad Rabbit

  • Shareable insight. Data and reports can be accessed and shared easily across your organization.

  • Customizable. Ready to go out of the box once installed, but also customizable for your institution's needs.

“Most research administrators we talk to cite lack of information about their research operations as a major impediment to effective operational management. For instance, without good information, a grants office might spend too much time on last-minute submissions rather than finding opportunities to improve the full grants pipeline and reduce late submissions systemically. BR Research Vision helps administrators think holistically about their operation and makes it easy for them to identify and monitor the performance indicators that matter to their business.” – Jim Peters, Sr. Project Manager, Bad Rabbit.

BR Research Vision is flexible and dynamic. It works with popular BI suites like Tableau and PowerBI, so you’re not tied to a particular BI platform. New and updated reports and visualizations are added automatically for current customers, and there’s also a growing user community where users actively share reports and customizations.

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