Increasing CTMS Budgeting Productivity While Lowering Maintenance Costs

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia sought Bad Rabbit’s expertise in creating efficient and user-friendly budgeting tools to integrate with their existing clinical trial management system (CTMS). The finished tool streamlined business calculations processes, and lowered costs of maintenance.


The Situation

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is one of the leading pediatric  research facilities in the world, with over 150 years of innovation. In 2015, CHOP was excited to deploy a new CTMS, but after rollout, system users found it cumbersome to enter and manipulate data, and calculations ran frustratingly slow. In a system with over 5,000 users, frustrations and slow-downs cost time and money. What’s more, the existing budgeting tool had a high cost of ownership due to an overly complex implementation and technical architecture.

Faced with frustrated users, ballooning costs, and operational inefficiencies, CHOP approached longtime partner Bad Rabbit to create a simple, user-friendly budgeting tool that would:

  • Integrate with their existing CTMS

  • Produce quick and accurate results

  • Be easy and affordable to maintain


The Approach

From conversations with system users at CHOP, Bad Rabbit understood that much of their budget data was modeled in Excel, and proposed replacing the existing CTMS budgeting tool with a web-enabled interface that had a similar appearance. A familiar, easy-to-use interface would reduce user error and enable more efficient and accurate data tracking.

The new CTMS budgeting tool interface

The new CTMS budgeting tool interface

Bad Rabbit prioritized the most-needed features based on requests from CHOP leadership and system users, ultimately creating two unique tools that:

  • Support data-entry forms styled similarly to those provided by study sponsors

  • Reduce calculation wait times

  • Clean-up, clarify, and consolidate business logic to reduce cost of future maintenance

Implementation occurred over 12 months in a three-phase rollout that put core features in the client’s hands as soon as possible, enabling real-time feedback that informed additional improvements.


The Outcome

The new budgeting system has provided significant savings both in user time and ongoing development costs. After implementation, the time to resolve budget-related technical work and questions decreased from days to hours. New filtering capabilities let system users locate information more efficiently, and the new budgeting tool is faster and more responsive than the legacy tool. System users praise the ease and efficiency of the new budgeting tool.


Bad Rabbit’s iterative development process prioritizes customer collaboration and simple, cost-efficient solutions. Do you have a unique research administration challenge that might benefit from a similar solution? Reach out to Bad Rabbit today for a free consultation.