Supporting Technical Research from Grant to Launch

Researchers are experts in their fields, and know what they want technology to be able to do for them. But they need specialized technical knowledge to build the tools they envision—and that's where Bad Rabbit comes in. As trusted technical consultants for several leading research institutions, Bad Rabbit supports projects all the way from grant proposal through implementation.

In this case study, we look at how Bad Rabbit partnered with researchers at a world-renowned pediatric research center to plan an innovative, interactive waiting room installation; authored a technical proposal that was instrumental in securing a $400,000 grant; and developed the project after it was funded.


The Situation

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) operates the largest pediatric healthcare network in the U.S., with an average of 1,290,000 outpatient visits annually. Patients and caregivers spend, on average, 19 minutes per visit  in waiting rooms multiple times per year. In the past, pediatric waiting rooms housed toys to occupy children during that time. But in recent years, communal toys have been identified as potential health risks, harboring germs and increasing risk of transmission among vulnerable patients. Modern pediatric offices have removed toys, leaving children and their stressed-out parents to their own devices (literally, most families end up staring at their phones).

In 2017, CHOP pediatric clinician Dr. Steve Wilmot and research information specialist John Knab identified the need for something new: an entertaining, interactive waiting room experience that would engage young patients and ease the anxiety of a medical appointment while maintaining health and safety standards. They envisioned a large, interactive mural that would ask patients questions, and a connected app caregivers could install on their mobile devices.

Wilmot and Knab had a specific grant in mind that could fund their mural project, but needed support from technical experts who could turn their vision into reality—and so, they reached out to Bad Rabbit. As longtime software consultants at CHOP, Bad Rabbit had the institutional knowledge and technical expertise to help define the project, outline its technical specs and cost estimates, and prepare a detailed technical proposal for the grant application.

The Approach

As with any project, Bad Rabbit started by listening carefully to identify client priorities and proceed in a fast and cost-effective manner. Wilmot’s initial vision was a fully interactive mural that would engage families and improve their waiting room experience. In a preliminary planning meeting, Bad Rabbit asked a series of questions to define exactly what the mural would look like, how interactive it would be, and how it might be used in its initial installation and in potential future iterations.

From there, CHOP asked Bad Rabbit to create a project proposal based on the grant guidelines. In considering the client’s original vision and the budget the grant would provide, we ultimately advised against a mobile app that waiting room visitors would need to download. Instead, we proposed a web-based app that would be more accessible to patients who wouldn’t have to install new software on their devices, and less expensive to develop. The proposal outlined plans for the mural, the interactive mobile website, and real-time metrics and analytics from the app’s use.


After integrating additional feedback from CHOP, the final technical proposal was included in the  grant application. CHOP researchers received the grant support they needed, and Bad Rabbit was named implementation partner to see the project to fruition.


The Outcome

Line artwork for the Picture This mural.

Line artwork for the Picture This mural.

Picture This is in active development, with pilot deployment planned for fall 2018. The illustrations and interactive web app are ready to go, and more content will be added later as users determine need.

“Picture This” is an exciting new project for Bad Rabbit—our first interactive art installation!—but collaborating with our clients is a familiar and proven process. Our technical expertise brings research innovations to life.


Do you have a terrific grant idea with a technical aspect, but you’re not sure how to approach the tech? Bad Rabbit can partner with you to write grants with technical dependencies. We’ll help you develop detailed technology plans to support your ideas, and increase your chance of receiving funding. Contact us today—we can’t wait to hear your idea.