Analytics Solution Improves Processes for Pediatric Research IRB

In late 2018, the IRB team at a prominent midwestern pediatric research institution was stymied by slow reporting and limited access to data within their new eIRB software. They contracted Bad Rabbit to install Research Visions, an analytics solution that makes it easy to view, track, and act on data contained within existing eRA systems.  

In this case study, we look at how our Client and Bad Rabbit implemented a comprehensive analytics solution that provides near-instant access to useful metrics from the Client’s eIRB system, strategically filling work gaps and offering actionable insight to drive process improvements and reduce costs.

Bad Rabbit built a comprehensive and user-friendly system that…gives me a large variety of metrics in easy-to-read and ready-to-share charts. From the IRB-related content knowledge that the Bad Rabbit Project Director brought to the table to the responsiveness of the Bad Rabbit team, this has been by far the smoothest software implementation process I’ve been a part of yet.
— IRB Manager

The Situation

The Client is a nationally ranked children’s hospital and research institute where researchers seek answers to pediatric medicine’s most challenging questions. In 2018, the Client’s IRB office implemented a new eRA software system. Although the system’s built-in reporting improved on previous offerings, IRB leadership soon identified gaps in the reporting capabilities. It was not as nimble as required, lacking filtering and drill-down features that would provide a full picture of submission turnaround time. Leadership couldn’t easily see how much time was being spent on submissions and didn’t fully trust the information coming from the “out of the box” reports.

The Client considered custom analytics solutions from the system provider but found options prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. They needed an analytics solution that would strategically fill gaps in the eIRB software and provide thorough, up-to-date data that would illuminate administrative bottlenecks, and make it easy to track trends over time. The Client contracted Bad Rabbit to install Research Visions, a business intelligence solution that lets users access and analyze data contained within their e-research administration systems.


The Approach: A Working Relationship that Works

At the start of the engagement with the Client, Bad Rabbit provided a pre-deployment questionnaire for IRB leadership and system users to identify major pain points and expectations for an analytics solution. From there, the Client and Bad Rabbit collaborated to prioritize their reporting requirements. These included:

  • Flexible reporting with the ability to configure and display key data points with drill down capabilities

  • Custom reports for leadership reporting, reviewer workload, and detailed turnaround time

  • More frequent access to the data than originally planned

With a list of priorities in hand, Bad Rabbit set about configuring Research Visions to meet the Client’s needs, collaborating closely through the entire process. Weekly touchpoints let the Client assess and respond to progress, offering feedback to fine-tune the custom deployment. For example, partway through the process, the Client requested the addition of a staff report that would expand the scope of the project. With the robust and business focused data model, Bad Rabbit was able to accommodate this request without going beyond the original timeline and budget.

Sample data representative of client results.

In total, implementation took just four months from kick off to production go live, finishing ahead of schedule and under budget. The Client valued Bad Rabbit’s transparency throughout the process, noting that project scope, cost, and budget were clear from the beginning, and they were closely involved in every decision made along the way.

This has gone a lot differently than other vendor engagements, and much better than other vendor engagements. Hopes and expectations for the project have been exceeded.”
— IRB Director

The Outcome: Stronger Reporting & Empowered Users

The Client has been using Research Visions since June 2019, and users praise the “incredible access” to data with their customized reporting platform.

Users particularly appreciate drill down capabilities that capture submission complexity and illuminate turnaround times and bottlenecks. With accurate performance measures, they’re able to initiate conversations about how to make improvements. And access to clear, easy to understand data instills confidence that “the improvements we’re undertaking are the right thing.”

Sample data representative of client results

Client leadership says Research Visions “sets a standard” for analytics across RA domains, and are considering deployments for Grants, IBC and beyond.


The Research Visions platform is continuously evolving, with faster implementation time and increased customizations informed by feedback from the client community.

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