The Best Online Resources for Research Administrators

Research administrators work hard to help drive innovation, supporting faculty, researchers and their institutions. On top of juggling proposals, contracts, protocols, disclosures, data, and day-to-day minutiae, they’re expected to keep up with research news and ever-changing government rules and regulations. It can all be a little overwhelming. So, where do research administrators turn for support?

Thankfully, the research administration community thrives online. Whether you’re looking for regulation updates, professional development, or just a place to blow off steam, these are some of our favorite online sources for research administrators.

Professional Organizations

Professional organizations for research administration are vital for networking, training, learning, and keeping up with news. The following organizations sponsor annual conferences, regional meetings, webinars, and online training. They also offer publications and forums for learning and networking with leaders in the field.

National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA)

  • NCURA Magazine is published online six times per year. It contains articles about management, perspectives on federal policy, and “the latest information and explanations on topics of interest to research administrators.

  • Research Management Review is a scholarly journal concerned with “the broad range of issues affecting the administration of research and the changing research environment at the national and international levels.”

public responsibility in medicine & research (PRIM&R)

  • Ampersand Blog publishes pieces on issues relevant to human subjects protections and animal care and use, and aims to “invite respectful conversation and debate, create community, and provide resources for professionals in these fields.”

  • Online Knowledge Center provides resources related to research ethics and oversight. Available to PRIM&R members.

Society of Research Administrators International (SRAI)

  • Monthly Catalyst e-newsletter features insights from RA professionals, information about SRAI conference and educational offerings, and networking opportunities for members

  • Biannual Journal of Research Administration is “the premier academic, peer-reviewed publication in the field of research administration and management.” The SRAI Journal publishes articles “covering the changing research environment worldwide, focusing on quality and innovation in research administration.”

Professional organizations for research administrators also maintain active social media profiles, so follow them to stay up-to-date with new articles and events.

Discussion groups and blogs

These online forums and discussion groups offer space for research administration professionals to share information, troubleshoot challenges, celebrate victories, find jobs, and connect with peers:

The Research Administration Discussion List (RESADML)

Founded in 1993 (holy cow!), RESADM-L is an indispensable resource for research administrators and staff from universities, hospitals, government, and non-profit research labs.

The Research Whisperer Blog

Run by two academic researchers in Australia, this blog talks about finding funding, research culture, and academic careers. Their personal reflections about life in research are particularly valuable, and the blog comments section is a great place to engage.

Research Administration Memes Facebook Group

Because sometimes, you just have to laugh.

YouTube and Podcasts

If you’re more of an auditory or visual learner, podcasts and videos can be a great way to catch up on news, training, and culture from research administrators. Here are just a few resources we found:

UC San Diego Research Administration Training Program YouTube

Their “two-minute topic” series features quick, fun explanations from RA subject matter experts.

NCURA YouTube Channel

Offering informational videos, footage from conference presentations, and more.

All About Grants Podcast

This podcast from the NIH Office of Extramural Research (OER) is designed for investigators, fellows, students, research administrators, and others just curious about the application and award process.


The research administration community is active on Twitter. You can follow the professional organizations and institutions mentioned above for real-time news alerts and announcements. To see what research administrators are talking about online, try searching for RA-related hashtags:

  • General hashtags like #ResearchAdministration and #ResearchAdmin

  • Domain-specific hashtags like #IACUC, #GrantsAdministration, #SponsoredProjects, #ResearchIntegrity and #ResearchEthics

  • Event-specific hashtags for conferences and meetings

Clicking around on Twitter is a great way to connect with other research administrators.

The list is growing

What resources do you turn to for research administration news and support? As the field of RA grows and changes alongside technology and research advancements, the list will only get longer. We’ll continue to update this blog post as we discover additional resources.

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