National Research Administrator Day 2019: Four Ways to Celebrate

Happy National Research Administrator Day! This day of recognition was established by the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) in 2015 to celebrate the dedicated professionals who “serve the faculty and researchers, protect the institution or organization and assure sound stewardship of sponsored research dollars.”

Here at Bad Rabbit, we work closely with research administrators every day. It’s easy for us to list reasons we love the research administrator community:

  • They play a critical role in the success of research

  • Their work supports innovation, discovery, and the betterment of the world

  • They’re smart, fastidious, and organized. In other words, they’re nerds like us!

If you’re a research administrator, thank you for the work you do. You have an important impact on your institution and the work of scientists everywhere.  

If you’re a researcher or RA leadership looking for ways to celebrate the research administrators in your life, we have a few suggestions.


1. Shout out your hardworking team on social media

Tell the world why your RA’s are the best! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalResearchAdministratorsDay.


2.  Host a coffee or cocktail hour in their honor.

A celebratory banner and some tasty treats will brighten everyone’s day and let the team know you appreciate them. For some extra-impressive inspiration, check out this creative Research Administration Day cake served by the  University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU) in 2018.


3. Give them a gift (yes, food counts)

Saying “thank you” is one thing. Offering a thoughtful token of appreciation takes your Research Administrator Day celebration to the next level. A commuter mug and coffee shop gift card is a thoughtful choice. If budget allows, a nice spa treatment can offer space for relaxation. Or, for a group gift that everyone will enjoy, bring in a catered lunch, or take the team out for a well-deserved meal.


4. Download & send one of our free Research Administrator Day cards

Yup, the tongue-in-cheek greetings throughout this blog post are yours for the taking! Download one to send to your favorite RA professional.