When PIs can’t use your RA software, expect delays.

Research administration (RA) requires direct action from the Principal Investigator (PI). But RA software systems can be complex and hard for PIs to deal with efficiently. This leads to slow PI response time and costly delays that slow down research.

Give PIs an option designed for their needs

Bad Rabbit’s PI Action Center is a simple, mobile-friendly interface that enables PIs to quickly review and respond to RA tasks. It connects to and works with your existing RA software systems, but strips out overhead and clutter that PIs don’t need.


Tailored to your requirements

PI Action Center is customized to meet your institution’s needs. We analyze PI-dependent activities across your RA domains, integrate each with PI Action Center, and secure the application using your institutional credentialing system.


PI Action Center benefits

• Brings modern business intelligence (BI) to legacy grants systems

• Easily use your existing grants data to make better decisions

• Easy & intuitive to use

• Reduces PI administrative burden, frees up research time

Choose an action item, review related materials, and submit.

Choose an action item, review related materials, and submit.

Help PIs address RA tasks quickly and efficiently, and free up more of their time for research with PI Action Center from Bad Rabbit. Contact us today for a demonstration.

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