Research IT

Bad Rabbit can help you comprehensively map long-term Research Admin software and system strategies.

Road Map Planning

You need a strategic plan for putting software and systems into place to support organizational goals, but juggling budgets, timelines, regulatory changes, and software vendors is keeping you from being able to dive into the intricacies of strategy. Let us help:

  • Conduct interviews with leadership and users

  • Analyze specific needs, utilizing our extensive knowledge of the research technology landscape

  • Produce a comprehensive strategy pointing you straight for your long-term goals

Dev Ops

Having to provide operational support for your organization’s applications likely leaves your IT team spending lots of time putting out fires. Managing different environments – with regular updates, application of new features, quickly tackling bugs, integration – can be overwhelming. Free your IT for more suitable purposes, and let us handle it! Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Providing a set of best practices and training on how to manage your enterprise application efficiently

  • Developing tooling and infrastructure designed to automate best practices

  • Taking on updates, bug fixes, and other fires that arise, so your team can focus on implementing new features and functionality

Vendor Selection

Much like with our strategic planning services, we can provide impartial third-party evaluation of software vendors, so you can pick the vendor that will best meet your unique needs. We are uniquely positioned to offer this service because:

  • We are not tied to any particular platform

  • We are experts in the field of research technology

  • Working with multiple systems over long periods of time has allowed us a thorough knowledge of strengths and weaknesses

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