Research Administration Services

Bad Rabbit provides expertise in every major research administration domain. We focus on academic and medical research institutions, providing services and products that enable your team to work better and faster. Here are some of the project types in which we specialize.

Strategic roadmap planning | Staff augmentation | RA production support services
Analytics | System upgrades, installations and enhancements
Data migration and conversion | System-to-system communication

Read more about these specialties below or use the menu to find out more about our work within specific research administration domains.

“We get very personal, hands-on service from Bad Rabbit. Whenever we need help, we don’t get stuck into a 4-day queue – the response is almost immediate.”
— Amelia Walch-Patterson, HRPP Team Lead
Ochsner Health Systems

Strategic roadmap planning

Does your institution spend large sums on RA software systems, with no clear prioritization? Is there internal disagreement about what’s most important? Do you spend more time putting out fires than improving processes? Bad Rabbit can help you develop a strategic roadmap to ensure the RA technology you adopt is aligned closely with your long-term goals.

Project staff augmentation

Finding and training temporary support for your technical team is time-consuming. Senior Bad Rabbit support professionals hit the ground running with technical expertise, giving you a reliable and consistent resource for both short- and long-term needs.


360° RA production support services

While we support for current RA system releases, we’re also adept at helping institutions that are outdated, home-built, or otherwise challenging. We can stabilize and support older applications while providing a budget-conscious roadmap for migrating functionality to a modern product or infrastructure, helping you plan for the future while making the most of what you have.

Operational analytics and metrics

Your RA software is full of helpful data, but it's hard to get, and hard to act on. We can help you turn that data into powerful analytics and visualizations with BR Research Vision.


System installs, upgrades & enhancements

Did you know you’re not bound to the software vendor when it comes to installations and upgrades? We can help with most RA system upgrades and installations. And because we’re impartial (we don’t make RA software ourselves), we’re an excellent resource for getting perspective on upgrades before you commit.

Data migration & conversion

When moving to new systems or making changes to your existing ones, you need to bring your data with you, which can be a complex and stressful process. We can safely extract your data, define new structures and translate your data into them.

System-to-system communication

Ever wonder how much better your business could operate if your critical systems shared information? Bad Rabbit is adept at RA software system integrations and can enable data to be shared between Huron modules, OnCore, EPIC, and ERP HR and Financial systems.