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BR Research Vision™

Modern business intelligence for research administration.

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Do you have the data you need to manage your RA operations?

Your RA software is full of helpful data, but it's hard to get, and hard to act on. BR Research Vision™ from Bad Rabbit delivers modern business intelligence (BI) to research administration, providing insight into the operational metrics that really matter to RA.

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Stay focused on the information that matters

Track the KPIs that are important to your operation, set and share targets across teams and departments, and see how you compare to other user institutions using industry benchmarks. Bring your data to life with powerful reports and visualizations. Available for all common RA domains including IRB and grants.

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Need detailed data now? It's a click away.

With BR Research Vision™'s powerful visualization and analysis tools, you can dive into issues and address them in a data-driven way. Drill down by division, department, proposal, or principal investigator (PI). Find highlights and pain points, and share reports easily and securely across your organization.

A step-change in RA operational insight

BR Research Vision™ is far more than a reporting upgrade (although it will make your routine reporting much easier). Run faster, make better decisions, and be more competitive by focusing on the right metrics for your RA business - with BR Research Vision™.

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  • Easy to use and learn

    Intuitive for both technical and non-technical users

  • Provides immediate value

    Preloaded with powerful reports, visualizations and dashboards for common research domains

  • Provides lasting value

    New reports and visualizations are released regularly

  • An IT-friendly solution

    No modifications required to your RA system data, and the product is installed and maintained by Bad Rabbit

  • Shareable insight

    Data and reports can be accessed and shared easily across your organization

  • Customizable

    Ready to go out of the box once installed, but also customizable for your institution's needs