Bad Rabbit can enable a one-stop shop that tightly integrates and automates your Research training programs.

Integration - IRB system + CITI, IACUC system + AALAS

There’s no need to manually track individual training; let us automate the process for you so nothing slips through the cracks! Integrating IRB with CITI and IACUC with AALAS allows:

  • Training data to be displayed right in the IRB system

  • Automatic alerts if anyone is missing anything

  • Reduction of unnecessary "just in case" trainings

Collaborative Training Systems

With various training requirements, whether in person or through different online systems, tracking it all can get really complex. Our experts:

  • Perform a deep discovery process to understand your specific requirements, systems, and all moving parts

  • Provide, through an iterative approach, a central location for all training documentation

  • Develop a solution that assures compliance and eliminates unnecessary trainings

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